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Machine Table 

The material of the machine table is cast iron. We use Cast Iron of grade FG 300. The Machine Table is the basic part of the machine tool. It is required that the machine table should have sufficient high static stiffness precision retention, load carrying capacity. Our unique honeycomb design gives our table required strength and rigidity to carry heavy workload without any vibration. Machine Table manufactured with castings duly stress relieved, after rough machining to prevent distortion. We generally provided T-slots sizes 22 & 28 conforming to IS:2013 / DIN 650 in tolerance from H12 to H7. Holes, square slots, guiding slots or other profiles on top as well as sides may be provided as per requirement of customers. Machine tables can also be provided with suitable mounting provisions as per requirement of customer.

X Axis base

X-axis Ball-screw Supporter It can make the ball-screw life longer, increases position accuracy and position velocity.
PROSTAR CNC special design for columns distance 2500mm and higher models or limited to the X-axis is 3 guideways machine base.



1. Integrated casting and double-layered strengthened ribs gantry type column to ensure the cutting rigidity.

2. This design can handle a wide range of milling needs, whether you are light milling or heavy milling.

Cross Beam

Our superior designed cross beam having stair style structural design provides greater support for the head assembly. Due to superior design of the cross beam having stair type design centre of gravity of head assembly moves 50% towards the cross beam which gives highest rigidity during heavy cutting and optimizes Y and Z axes static rigidity and dynamic precision.

Box Type RAM


The machine head is a very important part of CNC vertical milling centre. Our vertical CNC milling centre head adopts the best design and uses Inverted box type machine head with modified cross-ribs to increase bending and torsion resistance. It improves the overall processing rigidity and stability.

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