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SHF Series

SHF Series double column machining centres are the core products of PROSTAR. With full range of specification and customizable solutions, these machining centres become best-selling products and meet all requirements from Accuracy, rapid feed rate, high efficiency to heavy duty.​​

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  • High Structural Rigidity

  • High Accuracy 

  • Precision Linear Axis 

  • Ergonomic Design with Powerful Spindle 

  • Low Maintenance

Slideway Bracket : Unique slideway design with sixteen THK high precision block coupled with stair style support ensuring high strength and rigidity. 

RAM Optimized: Ram design has ribs reinforcements, coupled with high precision heavy load roller guideways to increase feeding and cutting rigidity and stability.

Cross Beam:- High rigidity, extra wide box type, stair style structural design optimizes Y and Z axes static rigidity and dynamic precision.

Ball Screw: All three axes are coupled with class C3 precision ball screws reduce thermal displacements. All ball screws are directly connected with the axis motor and use high precision couplings to eliminate any backlash.

Column: Box in box reinforced column structural design replaces conventional hollow design, enhanced anti-pressure and vibration.

Work Table:- Unique rib design coupled with Hiwin high precision, heavy duty block to carry heavy duty work pieces. Provides high rigidity, stability, smooth motion and low friction.

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