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SHFW Series

Our SHFW series machines are characterised by their high load capacity when absorbing machining forces. This machines are designed for the high loads during the machining of large parts.  


  • High Structural Rigidity

  • High Accuracy 

  • Precision Linear Axis 

  • Ergonomic Design with Powerful Spindle 

  • Low Maintenance 

  • Prostar SHFW2872 Double Column Machining Center Key Features

  • First time in India Double column machining center with W axis made by Indian manufacturer ( W axis travel – 1000 mm)

  • Rigid Casting Structure (Honeycomb structure with ribbings)

  • Operator platform

  • Tool place on machine to have easy access of tools while working

  • Hyd. Power pack, Chiller unit, Accumulator, Electrical Panel are placed on machine to save machine space

  •  Fully enclosed head design to provide longer life to the components like Drag Chains,

  • Counter balance cylinders, Ball screw, Guide ways

  • 4 Linear Guide ways in Ram

  • 1:4 Ratio Two stage gear box to provide higher torque for heavy depth of cut while machining

  • Standard single piece columns to ignore use of riser for extra job height

  • Columns ribbings for cross beam mounting are made minimal to provide full job height

  • Extra 700 mm travel in Y Axis for Full window size job to machined using angular head

  • Z shaped cross beam design to distribute load of machine head

  • Minimum distance in 2 foundation bolts (400 mm) to provide extra strength to machine bed

  • Provided 3 Linear Guide ways in Machine Bed to give more strength to table to carry heavy job smoothly

  • 50% of column size extended in front to keep center of gravity of machine head

  • Ball screw direct coupled to Planetary Gear box / Motor with Miki Pulley coupling

  • Separate Lubrication units to give proper lubrication to each axis

  • Auto Angular Milling Head

  • All bought out material is imported to give world class machine

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